Lokað 1.maí


2 tents in one, on its side it’s a propagation tent, stand upright and move the lighting bars to have a great little stock plant tent.

  • Size: 0.7m x 0.9m x 0.5m
  • Air extraction through the roof via a 125mm (5”) sock
  • 1 x passive air fine (anti-mite) mesh vents at base with light-proof covers when not in use


  • Ideal for 2 large ROOT!T® propagators and 2 trays of Cultilene CRB cubes
  • Use with PowerPlant® SunMate Propagate or ROOT!T® T5 series lamps

LightHouse® LITE Core Specification:

  • Tri Layer 210D material with the special LightHouse® UltraLux reflective liner
  • Quality Tivax double lined zips, easy-to-use with no snagging and offering good light proofing
  • Main frame made from 16mm steel poles with nylon corners
  • One piece waterproof insert tray
  • All outlets for air and cables are double lined and light-tight with pull toggles on each lining
  • 2 x Filter straps
  • Door clips on all doors for fastening when open